Xmix urban 245

Top definition. XD internet.

X-MiX Urban & Club Series 240 (2019)

XD is a laughing face. XD unknown. A face that has been severely overused for years online. Most commonly found on Minecraft servers. XD example 2: hey wanna edate xd. An internet expression that will hopefully replace LOL as the laughing symbol.

An internet expression that gets annoying if overused. Person 2: XD Person 1: Die. Person 2: XD. Xd unknown. What little kiddos spam when they are mad they realize the suck at roblox.

xmix urban 245

Xd xd xd xd xd. A laughing face. Hey, it's better than lol. When I was walking to the mall my friends got hit by a car and were killed XD. A symbol with X being the eyes and D being the mouth, to make a seeming of the person having squinched eyes and a mouth wide open laughing. This is usually used to replace rofl, as the X for eyes indicates that they are laughing so hard they may have fallen off their chair. Usually used in mmorpgs and chat lines.

Example 1: Person 1: Hah i hacked some n00b's account then went and spammed lots of people and got it reported!! Person 2: Omg XD haha he must be so pissed! XD or xD is the most annoying internet expression ever created. It is used in funny momentsembarrassing moments and,stupid moments.Top definition. I have dyslexia and it is a lot more than just getting numbers and letters mixed up. I am now in the 11th grade have a 4.

Dyslexia is way more then just letters, words and numbers; and you can never get rid of itit says with you the rest of you life. I'm dyslexichave been for my my whole life; i have to admit is sucks ass but it some times has it benefits. I get extra time on tests and get to use tools to help me with homework.

Now I know some of u use the dyslexia or dyslexic it describe someone stupid; "now imagine your in english class, the teacher asks you to read out loud to the class. You start to read but then panic because you do not knew how to say the next word or the word after that. The class is looking at you as you try to figure out the word; someone finally says the word out loud but what about the other words.

Then signs on the road on the freeway become difficult; signing papers reading business letters becomes hard. Then along come the people that might be like you; they mock the the ones that can't read, call them stupid. Then you say "oh that's so dyslexic," saying to them that the disorder they have makes them stupid. You may it not that important but to them it is very important, they lose self esteem; i remember back in grade school i never wanted to go to school because the kids would laugh at me.

It all hurt so much to me. So the next time you get ready to say "That was so dyslexic," think about that many people you may be hurting and put yourself in their shoes.

Because a dyslexic's life is already difficult without you making fun of them. I am dyslexic. There are times when I hate dyslexia, there are times when I love it; but it is a part of me, so I just have to deal with it. So I just think to myself that I have my dyslexic, it doesn't have me. I think of it as a gift God gave it to me to share with it world.

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And I am, one person at a time. Dyslexia unknown.X-Mix Issues feature the biggest and hottest new songs without the filler at a fraction of the price.

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xmix urban 245

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xmix urban 245

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I'll only be posting sets one or two at a time. Last edited by bogartgreens on Jan at Nice one! I will be uploading tonight so I can share in this thread.


The Gloabal dj Broadcast of DeKay would be a good listen as well. Comon peeps start the uploading MAy take a bit but it'll be worth the wait. Do these sets come with tracklists? I only started collecting ASOT since episode Awesome sets guys, I would love to post of my liveset but too bad I don't know hwo to use Yousendit. How bout the Mathew Dekay set?? Oh, and PVD too. Registered: Nov Location: roundabout. Enjoy Last edited by bogartgreens on Jan at Jan Registered: Sep Location: and why see. Show Printable Version Subscribe to this Thread.

You may not post new threads You may not post replies You may not edit your posts. Search this Thread:.DaBaby feat. Blake Shelton feat. Garmiani — Que Calor vs. Big Sean feat. Khalid vs. The Notorious B. BTS FT. Mark Ronson FT. LSD FT. Avicii FT. Aloe Blacc — S. S [Radio Edit] [ Bpm] 4A Alan Walker FT.

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